Alexander R. Torrijos


Experienced graphic and web designer and web and flash developer.


To excel and develop as an artist and programmer

I am an experienced graphic and web designer and web and flash developer.

Personal and Contact Info

Name: Alexander Cornelio R. Torrijos

Address: 23 United States St., Betterliving Subd. Bgy. Don Bosco, Paranaque City, 1711 Philippines

Phone: +63 2 822 7219

Mobile: +63 0921 838 0382



Technical Courses:
Programming (C++, Java, OOP, Linux, MS SQL Server, XML) NIIT 2002-2004

AB Interdisciplinary Studies (Chemistry & Education)
Ateneo de Manila University 1992

Ateneo de Manila High School 1988

Ateneo de Manila Grade School 1984

Certified Flash MX Designer 2003

Work Experience

Company: WorknPlay Inc.
Position: Senior Web Designer
Duration: May 2007 - August 2007

Work Description:

Developed a prototype application for the new global website.

The application allows a built-in administrator account to login and create new users. Once new users are created they can login and view pages only accessible to logged in users. The application monitors and logs application related events and any errors which occur. Log data is saved to an SQL Server 2005 database. The Membership API and Health monitoring features of ASP .NET 2.0 were utilized. The application also uses Themes and MasterPages, as well as the Sitemap provider. A custom user management facility mimics the ASP .NET Configuration interface for user management.

To test the application login in using the following info:

User Name: admin

Password: Torr1jos#

Company: Antonio Rivera Consulting
Position: Web Developer
Duration: October 2006 - April 2007

Work Description:

Involved in a number of projects.

1.Static Corporate Website:

Redesigned and developed a static corporate website. Submitted 3 design studies and converted the approved design to valid XHTML and used CSS for layout. Development of a simple mailing list database using PHP and MySQL. Dynamic pages to view the email data were also provided.

  1. Intranet HR Employee Portal

Developed an intranet portal for the HR department of a local cosmetics company ASP .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Implemented database using views and stored procedures (uncompiled).

Converted the design provided by the client to XHTML and CSS. Used Master Pages and Themes to implement the look and feel of the intranet portal. Converted employee handbook content to HTML files.

Implemented user a login and user management including a custom user tracking facility. Integrated a third-party survey/poll application within the site. A Flex based interface provided display and scrolling of employee handbook content. A simple Flash animation was also provided. An ad rotator component was used to randomly display a collection of images and advertisements.

Company: MoneyTree
Position: Art Director & Web Developer
Duration: December 2006 - present
Work Description:

Designed and developed the original MoneySense website using ASP .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. I integrated and customized a third-party blog engine into the site. I also developed a subscription form which sends subscription information through email.

Migrated the site to use the open source Joomla CMS application upon advise from our editor to allow easier updates to content to be made by the editorial staff. Designed and modified a free template to match the current MoneySense look and feel. I also configured the email to use the free Google apps for your domain service.

Company: Manila Path & Pixel
Position: Software Developer
Duration: July 2006
Work Description:

Analyzing the problem domain and preparing use case requirements and class diagrams. Studied the basics of Servlets and JSP. Used Eclipse and CVS

Company: ePLDT
Position: Web Developer
Duration: Sep 2005 - May 2006
Work Description:

Designed various print ads and collaterals. Provided custom illustrations and graphics. Produced banner ads and web graphics.

Designed a contact management website which was temporarily located at and implemented the design using XHTML and CSS. I also worked with the development team to update the design and content of the site. The site was developed using Ruby on Rails connecting to the Funambol (Sync4j) Mobile Server database.

Developed the domain name availability checker and application form for using C# and ASP .NET 1.x Backend end only. The current site has been redesigned and no longer uses the application.

The domain name availability checker functionality was developed using ASP .NET 1.1 (C#) on Visual Studio 2003. The application connected to several whois servers and did basic parsing for negative or positive responses and displayed output on page. Used in-page coding instead of code-behind. Also provided client and server-side form validation with data sent through email using local SMTP on the server (IIS on Windows 2003 Server).

Developed an API client that applies an MD5 hash to data passed to a partner company's API. Converted the API client as a webservice.

Developed an event registration website. This included the devlopment of the registration form and database tables. The fields for the tables were provided. Implemented the backend using PHP and MySQL. Made use of foreign keys and constraints to enhance data integrity.

Designed the globe graphic and implemented a javascript scroller from a third-party script.

Provided design mock-up for the but they have recently reverted back to a previous design.

Company: Beginnings Communications Inc.
Position: Graphic Designer
Duration: Jul 2005
Work Description:

Designed various collaterals, ads, etc. including billboard ads.

Company: Creative-Response Co. Inc.
Position: Graphic Designer
Duration: Apr - Jun 2005
Work Description:

Initially assigned as layout designer in the Main Stream Department.

Produced design studies for lifestyle credit card for bank client.

Assisted in preparing final art for posters. Prepared final art for real estate brochure. Assigned to Outsourced Department as technical quality checker for yellow page directory ads. Also assigned work as designer for directory ads. Provided additional services in conceptualizing, storyboarding and production of a 10s tv ad for text messaging based raffle promotion for oil company. Produced the ad using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Sound Forge, and Adobe Photoshop. Graphics and text provided by the client. Voice over was integrated into the animation.

Company: SYKES Asia, Inc. - Macromedia
Position: Technical Support Engineer Level 2
Duration: Dec 2001 - Sep 2004
Work Description:

Initially began as a Level 1 Technical Support Specialist. Provided phone and email support for the Macromedia Account under the Client Group 1 handling Flash, FreeHand and Fontographer software products.

I responded to customers who call in or email with technical problems while installing or using the Flash, FreeHand or Fontographer software.

I had undergone technical support training for Flash and Freehand and am an intermediate to advanced user of these products. I am also experienced in Photoshop and I am familiar with other print and web software technologies.

I was also one of the first tasked to write TechNotes, articles detailing technical issues usually encountered by users.

Promoted to Level 2 Technical Support. Also functioned as a Senior Technical Support Specialist